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Equip your entire organization — from IT professionals to end users — with knowledge and skills that boost productivity and cut downtime. With MIS Training Services, you can develop a thorough and customizable instructional program to help your employees work faster and smarter:

  • Improve staff skills with the most popular software and peripherals
  • Minimize downtime by enabling your staff to maintain as well as implement new hardware
  • Focus your IT department on more strategic projects
  • Expand the impact of your IT investment

MIS Software provides customise trainings to enable clients manage their infrastructure or gain good insight to their solutions. We have seasoned and certified professionals who are capable of delivering these training onsite or offsite.


Server Training

Get hands-on experience in server training and learn how to implement and maintain a reliable server infrastructure.

Security Training

Protect your business with the world-class infrastructure and end-to-end advanced threat protection technical training

Network Training

Learn how to better design, troubleshoot and tune performance for the best possible network performance and availability.

Storage Training

Make storage implementation simple with our storage training. Whether you want to simplify administration, optimize your resources or improve disaster recovery, it’s all possible with our intuitive training modules.


Our System Management Training is designed to help you properly install and configure your enterprise system in your environment.


Gain Credibility and Get Ahead with Autodesk Training and Certification: From Academia and/or throughout your professional career, we provide Autodesk training and certification to help you stay competitive.

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Contemplating an upgrade or refresh of your IT infrastructure?
If so, comprehensive planning is a critical determinant of success. How do you know which of the myriad of new technology solutions available will best equip you to harness greater efficiencies and reduce costs? And how will you go about demonstrating return on your investment?

At MIS Software, we support you in the planning and building of new solutions for your business. Drawing on our focus and several decades of experience, we’re quickly able to recognise and understand evolving technologies as they emerge and assist you to convert the most appropriate ones into solutions that deliver measurable value to your business. Every year we assist several clients  to understand exactly how new solutions will fit into their current environment and move forward with investments and deployments with confidence.

Contact us to explore how our team of professional services experts can implement and support your project deliverables timely and within budget..

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