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Today, your IT Infrastructure no longer merely supports your business – it drives your business. If your network is down, so is your business. Seemingly small slip-ups can bring a system down, and in today’s competitive marketplace, outages can be extraordinarily expensive in terms of business productivity and damaged client confidence … 

With service continuity at risk, you need ways to improve response times to network problems and system downtime. Importantly, you need to put measures in place that ensure that you are covered when the unforeseen happens. So what are your options? The good news is that the effects of service interruptions flowing from errors and unexpected events can be mitigated, and in some cases,downtime can be significantly decreased. While network support has traditionally been viewed as a ‘grudge purchase’, its value should not be underestimated! It provides you with protection against unpredictable mishaps that you know are bound to happen at some stage. Engaging with a provider with the relevant experties and suite services can go a long way to helping you manage your IT support costs, increase your network availability and facilitate the evolution of your infrastructure to support the evolution of your business.
At MIS Software we understand you have no time for downtime.

Our portfolio of support services frees up your internal resources to focus on programmes that are critical to your business… you do what you do best … run your business – while we do what we do best…take care of all your IT infrastructure.




Avoid the Scourge of Network Downtime

In today’s competitive market, time is money and network downtime is costly. Modern businesses rely heavily on key information systems, so when your network goes down, every second it is not available costs you in terms of productivity and output. Downtime equates to wasted productivity, lost sales, user frustration and more … none of which you can afford during lean times. Getting your network up and running again becomes an urgent, business-critical priority. 

Pro-activity is the order of the day when it comes to maximising network uptime.In terms of cost, time and resources to care for these events when they happen. What’s more, client-centric providers like MIS Software offer Service Level Agreement (SLA) flexibility and the option to choose service replacement, reconfiguration or restoration timeframes appropriate to your needs … and the IT service in question. Here’s where MIS software can help you manage downtime…

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