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Outsourcing in Pursuit of Business Agility

Outsourcing IT services can accelerate your business growth as it frees up your time and internal resources to focus squarely on your core competencies … but there are a myriad of competencies and skills to take into consideration when evaluating a potential services partner. Does the provider have ‘feet on the ground’ in all your areas of operations? Does it have a proven track record in your vertical industry? Are its IT services best-practice aligned? Is its services business robust and growing? Does it have solid relationships with hardware/software vendors? Finding the right partner to entrust with the management of your infrastructure is a critical choice that can have lasting impact on your business.

At MIS Software, we can answer all of these questions with a resounding ‘yes’. We manage vendors and service providers, deal with crises, troubleshoot problems and run your infrastructure on your behalf … in the right way, in the right place and always at the right time. We’ve invested significantly in our people, processes, and systems to be able to move beyond management of point technologies to management of entire technology domains or ‘towers’, particularly in the IT infrastructure space.

We’re also your ideal choice of partner if you have – or are considering – adopting more of a strategic approach to sourcing IT, commonly known as Multisourcing. Our specialised client management teams can collaborate effectively with your team to deliver a seamless service experience. 

Contact us to discuss how we can help you maximise the Multisourcing opportunity.