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As HP Preferred Enterprise Gold Partner, We provide the following HP Solutions:

Converged Infrastructure

The HP Converged Infrastructure - delivered through its unique Converged Infrastructure architectural approach- creates an environment where all resources and processes are controlled by a shared-services engine that provisions and adapts application environments to instantly respond to business demands.
Imagine being able to:

  • Deliver any application, anywhere, on the fly 
  • Flex resources on-demand in an optimized way 
  • Unleash unprecedented productivity of your teams 
  • Provide predictable, continuity of service 
  • Accelerate time to business value

  • Industry Standard Servers

    Get the benefits of shared services today with the industry's first integrated infrastructure platform that helps you double administrator productivity with payback of less than a year, built on HP BladeSystem, the industry’s leading blade architecture. BladeSystem Matrix converges compute, storage and network resources and can be easily purchased and quickly deployed. You can instantly adjust to dynamic business demands and transform the economics of your data center. And every HP BladeSystem Matrix is pre-configured and installed by our HP certified professionals to quickly get your shared services platform ready for business. Whether you are planning a focused consolidation project or broader datacenter transformation effort, HP BladeSystem Matrix will help you accelerate complex IT projects, simplify daily tasks and continuously lower costs across your data center.

    Business Critical Servers

    HP Integrity servers provide a mission-critical infrastructure, from entry-class to Superdome. Trusted to run applications such as Oracle and SAP, these systems are an ideal IT consolidation platform. This family of servers provides leading virtualization with HP Virtual Server Environment and supports multiple operating systems—for the most available UNIX® (HP-UX 11i), Windows®, Linux, and OpenVMS environments


    Ideal for enterprise-wide deployment and mission-critical applications, these solutions are the most extensible, resilient, and controllable storage solutions available. HP Enterprise Class Storage offers maximum scalability, industry-leading performance, a fully integrated suite of centralized management tools, and unmatched data protection and disaster tolerant features.

    HP Technology Services

    Many businesses spend more than 60 percent of their IT budgets on maintenance and operations, rather than innovation. A new vision of IT is here to help you flip that ratio. You can provide the innovation and flexibility required to thrive in this challenging environment by building the right foundation. The HP Converged Infrastructure optimally matches your supply of IT resources with demand for business applications. By transitioning from a product-centric approach to a shared-services management model, you can accelerate standardization, reduce operational costs and improve business results.

    ProCurve Networking
    Technology now drives more than 90 percent of all enterprise business processes - helping you to grow business, reduce costs and manage risks. Because of this, your network has become increasingly important. HP ProCurve is a leader in the networking industry, offering a choice of the best available solutions for enterprises worldwide.

    HP Software

    Business Technology Optimization (BTO) helps you make sure that every dollar invested in IT, every resource allocated and every application in development or production meets your business goals. Business information Optimization (BIO) helps you improve customer satisfaction, reduce operational costs and mitigate risk, providing cost-effective approaches for managing, protecting and extracting value from your information assets. HP Software is key to your converged infrastructure solution.

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    Supply, Installation, and Maintenance of HP and Microsoft messaging solutions;

    Supply, Installation, and Maintenance of HP Network Management Solutions  (HP OpenView and IBM Tivoli);

    Supply, Installation, and Maintenance of HP Printers, Scanners, Mass Storage Systems, and Plotters;

    Design, Deployment and Support of HP BTO Suite of Programs

    Supply, Installation, and Maintenance of Personal Computers & Intel-Based Servers (HP, IBM, & Dell);

    Supply, Installation, and Maintenance of RISC and ITANIUM based Enterprise Servers & Workstations.