Company at a glance

MIS Software is a leading integrator of competitive, innovative business solutions based on Information and Communications Technology (ICT). In terms of human resources and skills, we have a large pool of highly motivated technical staff most of whom are highly qualified and experienced Programmers and Engineers handling Hardware, Software, Network implementation, installation, maintenance, Systems Integration and Consulting as well as corporate and end-user training services. Over 80% of our Engineers have one recognized professional certification or the other.

In order to deliver a world class service, MIS Software nurtures strong relationships with many of the world’s leading ICT companies including HP, IBM, Dell, Microsoft, Cisco Systems, AutoDesk, AVAYA Communications amongst others. MIS Software currently holds one of the highest ranking in HP Gold Partnership ranking boasting the following certifications;

  • Computing Systems Specialist
  • Professional Services Partner
  • Service Sales Specialist
  • Authorized Services Partner

These certifications enables us to handle from simple to the most complex projects covering basic Handheld to the most sophisticated and powerful Servers in HP range.

In our ongoing quest to deliver innovative solutions that add real business value to our clients, MIS combines their own expertise, tools, resources and vertical sector knowledge with that of our partners.  The group believes that innovation will shape the sustainability of the 21st century enterprise and an innovation program is a key element of the company’s internal business improvement strategy.

Currently, we have over 30 (Thirty) high net-worth customers in the Oil & Gas, Service, Hospitality, Manufacturing, Government, Telecom (PTT), Power Generation & Distribution, and Banking/Financial sectors that we are servicing in Hardware and Software supply, installation, and services, LAN and WAN design, implementation, and support as well as training, IT out-sourcing, help-desk solution, and overall IT advisory services.


our mission

To become by every measure a great company through building positive long-term relationships characterized by integrity, mutual respect and a commitment to providing customized Solutions and services of the highest quality and value to our clients.

our vision

MIS Software Nigeria Ltd. will become #1 Value-add Solution Provider of choice in Nigeria by focusing on getting, keeping and growing it's customers by building positive long-term relationships. Relationships characterized by integrity, mutual respect and a commitment to providing customized products and services of the highest quality and value.


The difference between MIS Software and its competitors is twofold. Firstly, in the value-add that it provides, and secondly in the services we render that will make up a large portion of the company's revenue. The traditional Information Technology business derives zero revenue from services and provides little or no value-add in terms of providing a solution to the customer. They tend to rely more on demand created by the vendors for commodity type products and then merely fulfil the logistics function of stocking and delivery. MIS will focus on value-add and services encompassing pre and post sales activities.

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