Our Software Solutions include:


We serve entrepreneurial businesses with information technology by delivering sophisticated business software solutions and high quality services. We identified the gap of quality customized software development services being provided in the market. We have a mission of providing innovative, cutting edge, customized software solutions to companies across industries.

+Enterprise Content & Document Management System (EDMS)

Enterprise Content & Document Management System (EDMS)

EDMS is an effective document and content management solution utilizing MOSS 2010 with some of the key features like Document Workflow, Document-Auto Feeder Scan, Document Search/Retrieval, Document fax-integration as readily available. Organization can save time and cost by using a pre-built product and jump start their DMS and content management needs. EDMS provides extensive and easy Content management. Business user will be able to update the information and approve the workflow requests as required. Thus it increases business users productivity and web content will always be current as the business users don’t have to depend on technical admin to publish the content, they can publish themselves using easy data input screens and navigation. Read more


PawaaPure Comprehensive user Activity Monitoring

PawaaPURE is a comprehensive User Activity Monitoring solution with agent software installed on corporate desktops or laptops across the enterprise. Through the logging and analysis server, you deploy centrally managed policies, monitor real-time events, and generate reports. The intelligent surveillance system of PawaaPURE comprehensively monitors multiple communication activities including applications, USB devices, CD/DVD writing, printing devices, instant messaging, email, web browsing, web mail, and other file operations. Read more


Automated Asset Tracking and Management System

iOnAsset refers to an eagle eye on assets, which continuously monitors every asset in an organization, it has the ability to pinpoint, locate, and count every individual asset. iOnAsset is a web based Asset tracking and management system, it has the ability of end to end asset management and sophisticatedly tracking of every individual asset. Here asset administrator can control all the asset by sitting at one place, can manage every individual asset in an organization, and can smartly identify the movement of every individual asset. It uses tagging mechanism; every asset will be attached with RFID  Read more

+Hospice Healthcare Solution
What you look for in a Healthcare Solution. It is understood that a good Hospital management System result in cost cutting and efficient management being precise at the same time. It also provides relevant information across the hospital to support effective decision making for patient care, hospital administration and critical financial accounting, in a seamless flow. We at MIS-Octaware Technologies understand this need and are well aware how to achieve a balanced health care software solution because there are a number of stakeholders involved – Patients, Operators, Bystanders, Reviewers, Auditors & Medical practitioners. Furthermore, while going for a Hospital Management System, the technology used should be Secure, Interoperable, Manageable, Scalable and Reliable. Thus making it necessary to keep a balanced solution in mind. Read more
+Literom Educational ERP Solution
LITEROM-ERP SOLUTION: This is an educational management ERPsolution that is a complete school/Institution business process automation solution.it manages all your process while you use the software. LITEROM –ERP SOLUTION comes in different flavors and they are stated as the following: Read more

1.1 Digital Crime, Fraud Investigation and forensic services: This is to ensurethat the criminal activities such as the following:

  1. You need evidence from a computer system, mobile, storage or any digital device or system to support your investigations.
  2. Fraud, corruption,bribery, security breaches within the infrastructures, etc.management within the corporate units.
  3. Digital forensic laboratory managements, providing evidence from computer devices to support litigation, etc.
  4. Piracy investigation such as music, software, IP piracy.Read More

Providing Software for your Business

We want our clients to achieve their results efficiently with our solutions. We want to be the first name that they consider when they think about software solutions. Our talented and experienced team focuses on one project at a time, giving undivided attention to the project at hand.

With MIS Software, you are all set to experience improved and increased quality and faster turn-around time, at a lowered cost. This results in a unique experience of cost-effective yet excellent software solutions. We provide an excellent after sales support for the software maintenance.

We manage our company with utmost professionalism and maintain the highest degree of professional and personal ethics. We are here to serve you, and serve you well.




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