1.1 Digital Crime, Fraud Investigation and forensic services: This is to ensurethat the criminal activities such as the following:

  1. You need evidence from a computer system, mobile, storage or any digital device or system to support your investigations.
  2. Fraud, corruption,bribery, security breaches within the infrastructures, within the corporate units.
  3. Digital forensic laboratory managements, providing evidence from computer devices to support litigation, etc.
  4. Piracy investigation such as music, software, IP piracy.

2.1 High Technology Crime Investigation Centre & Digital Forensic Laboratory

  1. Setting up of cybercrime investigation centers and digital forensic laboratories on a turnkey basis right from concept, design and supply, implementation and commissioning.Training, maintenance and management.
  2. The turnkey solutions includes: computer forensic acquisition and analysis, mobile & PDA forensic, Cybercrime first responders’ kits, steganography, etc.

3.1 Information Theft, Leakage Protection and Rights Management:

  1. Provision of information solutions and services which involves: identity management, information assurances services, IS audit remeditions, vulnerability and penetration testing, incidence response and eDiscovery, unified threat management (UTM),data leakprevention(DLP),Information right management (IRM),etc.

4. Security Information Event Management
Provision of information solutions and services which involves: security information events management, location based services

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