PawaaPure Comprehensive user Activity Monitoring

PawaaPURE is a comprehensive User Activity Monitoring solution with agent software installed on corporate desktops or laptops across the enterprise. Through the logging and analysis server, you deploy centrally managed policies, monitor real-time events, and generate reports. The intelligent surveillance system of PawaaPURE comprehensively monitors multiple communication activities including applications, USB devices, CD/DVD writing, printing devices, instant messaging, email, web browsing, web mail, and other file operations.

PawaaPURE provides total coverage of all monitored user actions and activities that occur on the desktop. With the agent on the desktop, PawaaPURE can automatically enforce policies and regulations to enable compliance and reduce the risk of legal penalties and image damage resulting from violations. PawaaPURE uses multiple detection methods for information classification and identification.


Emails (Microsoft Outlook 2003/2007)

  1. Track all emails
  2. Track all Email Attachments
  3. Provide granular email / attachment reports

Browser (Internet Explorer)

    1. Block, Alert or Monitor internet file Downloads/Uploads
    2. Block, Alert or Monitor specific websites with upload capabilities, i.e., Yahoo


Hotmail, Gmail, AOL Web Mail Sites

  1. Block files based on extensions
  2. Define Safe List and Blocked List

File System

  1. Block Files copied to removable devices
  2. Track file actions and hardware events on local system

Clipboard and Screenshots

  1. Track all Clipboard Events
  2. CarePLAY: Take the clipboard pictures of events defined by user
  3. Block screenshots using alt+print screen and print screen
  4. Capture multiple pictures of user actions in specified application windows


  1. Block, alert or monitor application usage by executable company name and
  2. executable name
  3. Windows service start/stop monitoring and automatic restart capability


  1. Track all removable devices attached like USB, Flash Drive, CD/DVD
  2. Define CD/DVD device safe list
  3. Force USB storage devices to read only
  4. Define USB Storage device safe list based on Serial No.
  5. Block USB Drives even specified as safe list by policy
  6. Block ALL CD/DVD, Floppy Drive, Bluetooth

User Actions

  1. Create user action events for all windows applications
  2. Track all User Keystrokes
  3. Measure Productivity and Idle Time

Network / Printing

  1. Track all File Print/Fax Events
  2. File shadowing for print activities


  1. Alert generation for any user or file activities
  2. Alert prioritization and alert routing to various departments

Agent Settings

  1. Run agent in hidden Mode(not shown in system tray)
  2. Helpdesk Support for agent
  3. Optional agent exit option

Deployment tools

  1. Agent deployment scheduling and remote deployment based on IP range


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