LITEROM-ERP SOLUTION: This is an educational management ERPsolution that is a complete school/Institution business process automation manages all your process while you use the software.
LITEROM –ERP SOLUTION comes in different flavors and they are stated as the following:

  1. LITEROM University Management ERP Solution:
    It addresses complex and comprehensive administrative functions within the contains various: Library Information and Management System,Online counseling management,Finance Branch Automation System.etc.
  2. LITEROM College and Higher Education Management ERP solutions :
    The key aspect of institutions are to be in line with technology to handle the daily management processes for better administration to lead them resulting in higher satisfaction in the enrolled contains modules such :examination management system, online internal assessment submission, fee management system, library information and management system, etc.
  3. LITEROMSchool Management ERP Solution: it has full featured to manage routine at that brilliant minds can be used to impart learning; not just struggling with information and administration management .it contains student demography, teachers’ demography, financial accounting management, etc.
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