Automated Asset Tracking and Management System

iOnAsset refers to an eagle eye on assets, which continuously monitors every asset in an organization, it has the ability to pinpoint, locate, and count every individual asset.

iOnAsset is a web based Asset tracking and management system, it has the ability of end to end asset management and sophisticatedly tracking of every individual asset. Here asset administrator can control all the asset by sitting at one place, can manage every individual asset in an organization, and can smartly identify the movement of every individual asset. It uses tagging mechanism; every asset will be attached with RFID Tag/Barcode. It also tracks the history of asset movement, asset allocation (check in-checkout), including their current location, past location and movements throughout the facility i.e. at all times. It also calculates depreciation of Assets and Asset expiry process.


Web Based Asset Management – iOnAsset is a smart web based solution of asset tracking and management enabling it to access anytime and anywhere.

Offline Asset Inventory – In addition to online asset inventory, iOnAsset provides a mechanism of keeping the inventory where local network, wi-fi or connectivity is not available. Offline inventory is done through RFID/Barcode handheld reader.

Asset Auditing – It performs the periodic automate audit process to find misplaced and lost assets. Different colour code charts shows different categories as new entries, Misplaced Assets and Assets available s per the records.

Reconciliation – It reconciles an entire location or room’s asset using a single-click.

Check-in/Check-out – iOnAsset keeps track of an asset using check-in/check-out procedure.

Asset Movement Tracking – iOnAsset provides automated asset movement tracking. When an asset is moved by authorized personnel, iOnAsset updates the database with the new location. It keeps the record of each location. This feature is available with RFID solution.

Asset Security – Security is implemented based on the permission on Role, Asset and Location.

Automated Asset Search – Locate a particular asset within a storage using RFID/Barcode handheld reader.

Import Inventory Data – A feature to import the existing inventories to iOnAsset database.

Business Intelligence Report - This gives a quick update on overall business statistics.

Multilingual Support – Easily customizable to support any language. Currently iOnAsset is available in English and Arabic version.

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