Enterprise Content & Document Management System (EDMS)

EDMS is an effective document and content management solution utilizing MOSS 2010 with some of the key features like Document Workflow, Document-Auto Feeder Scan, Document Search/Retrieval, Document fax-integration as readily available. Organization can save time and cost by using a pre-built product and jump start their DMS and content management needs.

EDMS provides extensive and easy Content management. Business user will be able to update the information and approve the workflow requests as required. Thus it increases business users productivity and web content will always be current as the business users don’t have to depend on technical admin to publish the content, they can publish themselves using easy data input screens and navigation.


  1. Easy Access: Easy, fast uploading and downloading of the contents between workstations and database using wired/wireless Local Area Network (LAN)
  2. Support major file types: EDMS supports full uploading and downloading support to all popular types of documents (.doc/.xls/.docx /.xlsx /.pdf /.dwg /P3 etc)
  3. Easy Content Search: User has option to search out any content by document-id/name/date/type etc. throughout the database. The EDMS has built in custom form to upload required meta tags of the organization
  4. Easy Version Control: Database supports for uploading of several revision and version of certain content. Version control mechanism including check in / Check Out/ History/ rollback are supported
  5. Change Alert: Alert feature of any change in document based on user subscription
  6. Pre-Built team site: Pre-Built team site appropriate for Document sharing needs of the organization
  7. Auto-Feeder: Auto-Feeder scanning of documents
  8. Pre-defined destination for fax: Incoming faxes can be diverted directly to system database in an allocated destination.
  9. Content Relationship: Interrelationship of contents using their references and versions
  10. Unlimited folders:Unlimited folder/sub-folder in hierarchy
  11. Automatic summary generation: Automatic summary generation of all contents in their different discipline with their corresponding comments
  12. Full document Access Control: Each of the Document Library [aka EDMS Vault] will also have ability to apply security so the right people access right documents
  13. Role Based security: Role Based security for authored document
  14. Easy internal document transfer: Document (as single or as a group) forwarding from one department to specified departments using internal transfer between users of the system
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