Converged Communications


In today’s competitive marketplace, an organisation’s business agility is determined by the speed with which it can transform data into information and accelerate communication – internally as well as with customers and partners.

Our solutions enable clients to enter a connected world of seamless communication and collaboration that reduces costs, increases employee productivity, delivers a competitive advantage and enhances customer service.

We group our solutions into four main categories

Telephony – Providing a secure and robust voice infrastructure as the platform for richer communications and collaboration reduces costs and offers more productive communication.

Intergrated collaboration – Reducing costs and improving business process speed is achieved by integrating multiple communication channels and Presence within the user’s working context.

Enterprise Mobility -Improving the productivity of remote and mobile workers through seamless access to corporate communications tools and business applications, irrespective of location, allows for increased productivity and effectiveness

Visual Communications – Implementing Telepresence and video conferencing to improve interaction and the quality of remote collaboration, eliminates time and cost penalties of travelling


In Partnership with Avaya — a global provider of business collaboration and communications solutions, MIS Software helps clients integrate traditional communication tools (telephony, email) with collaboration technologies (IM, conferencing) that provide new ways to communicate from any location, using any device and accessing any application.


Communication and Messaging
Video and Conferencing
Platform and Infrastructure


Assisted Experience Management
Automated Experience Management
Performance Management


Virtual Enterprise Network Architecture
Ethernet Switches
Branch Routers
Network Management
Access Control

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