Hospice Healthcare Solution

What you look for in a Healthcare Solution.

It is understood that a good Hospital management System result in cost cutting and efficient management being precise at the same time. It also provides relevant information across the hospital to support effective decision making for patient care, hospital administration and critical financial accounting, in a seamless flow.

We at MIS-Octaware Technologies understand this need and are well aware how to achieve a balanced health care software solution because there are a number of stakeholders involved – Patients, Operators, Bystanders, Reviewers, Auditors & Medical practitioners. Furthermore, while going for a Hospital Management System, the technology used should be Secure, Interoperable, Manageable, Scalable and Reliable. Thus making it necessary to keep a balanced solution in mind.

MIS-Octaware has the required expertise to provide end to end Hospital Management software Solutions for single and multispecialty hospitals, to cover a wide range of hospital administration and management processes. Our HMS solutions are designed and developed keeping in mind today’s complex processing requirements and stipulations. We first understand your Healthcare Organization’s process and legacy systems to suggest an ideal solution to our clients. We take special care while devising a HMS so that our clients get a reliable, scalable and the best throughput from the solution. Most importantly, our cost effective solution facilitates early return on investment (ROI), through integrating your different process, thus reducing processing time and manpower required for completing any task. This of course, makes our health care software solutions suitable for small organizations such as clinics to large organizations like corporate hospitals

Various systems in a typical healthcare service providing organization.

We can seamlessly integrate all the systems that are typically found in any Healthcare organization like – Medical support System, Core Systems, Business & Financial Systems, Communication & Networking Systems, Departmental Management Systems, and Medical Documentation Systems.

Hospice Advanced Hospital Management System is a complete package one needs for a
hospital to deal with all the day to day operations taking place. The purpose of the software is to manage the hospital and its patients. This advanced system handles the day-to-day, and budgetary activities of the hospital. This relates to managing patient information, managing the administration of the hospital, managing doctor itineraries, providing the management with MIS information, etc.

Who are the entities involved.

  1. Hospital
  2. Nursing Homes
  3. Diagnostic Centers
  4. Private Practitioner
  5. PolyClinic
  6. Pharmacy
  7. Patients

The program can look after Inpatients, OPD patients, records, database treatments, status illness, billings etc. it also maintains their hospital information such as ward, Doctor in Charge, Department administering etc. It also looks after doctor and staff records and payments and a laboratory module to handle all lab operations. It involves ensuring effective utilization of physical and financial resources of the hospital as well as creating an organizational climate beneficial to the growth and development of the personnel.

The module description, and the workflows illustrated will assist in making an assessment, and to gain a rudimentary understanding of the solution deliverables.

1 Registration     Patient Registration
2 OPD     Scheduling
3 IPD     Patient Demographics
4 Scheduling     Reports
5 Medical Records     Patient Locator
6 Billing & Insurance(OPDIPD(Interim Final))     Billing & Insurance
7 Accounting     Security
8 Ward Management
9 Reports
10 Security
1 Duty Roster Patient Demographic Patient’s Information Record Financials
2 Task Scheduler Clinical Charting Medical Billing AR
3 Operation Theater Medical Billing Claim Management AP
4 Management Pre-Authorization and Reimbursement Tracking Audits
5 Insurance TPA Dosage Paperless follow up Payroll
6 Management Reports Collections Corporate Billing
7 Fixed Assets Integrations Messaging / tasks Insurance Claim
8 Lab Information Sys Advanced Tools Filing Costing
9 Reports Progress Notes Ordering Doctor Payment
10 Prescription Writer Reporting HR
11 Lab Order Tracking Config Master Data Inventory
12 EMR HIPA Compliance Archiving Purchase
13 Inbox for Fax Email and documents
14 Interfaces
1 Preventive Care Asset Management e-Prescription Physician/ Patient
2 Appointment Blood Transfusion Mobile Clinical Collaboration
3 Reminders Infant Care Assistant Emergency Dashboard
4 Patient Support Patients tracking Point-of-care Patient Inflow updates
5 Medication Reminder Doctors/ Nurse Tracking & Hospital Referral Beds Availability
6 Appointment Booking Alert
7 SIM Card Medical Data Equipment
8 Dietary Information
9 Drug Information

Portal Solutions:

  1. Patient Scheduler
  2. Problem Description
  3. Messages/ Reminders
  4. HIS Integration
  5. Content Management
  6. Intake forms
  7. Medication Refill
  8. Document Org.
  9. Find Doctor

What the Solution provides you…

Web based application

Hospice Advanced HMS is based on the latest MS web based technology. It is web enabled seamlessly integrated application supporting distributed center transactions.

Clinical focus on EMR:

The application incorporates a comprehensive EMR enabling superior clinical decision making, improved patient safety, increased efficiencies and better hospital- patient relations.

Superior Reporting:

Due to this fully integrated online system the various medical and administrative reports are available online for management at the click of a button at their terminal, enabling faster and superior decision making. Highly graphic executive Dashboard/MIS enables the executive management to monitor pivotal metrics

Improved user experience:

Hospice HMS is built in DotNet and has a very simple and clear layout with ease of use and intuitive system guided workflows resulting in a rich and enhanced GUI for the users.

Integration with Third Party Applications:

Hospice Advanced HMS can also be interfaced seamlessly with third party systems and devices such as:

  1. Picture Archival & Communications System (PACS) for imaging solutions
  2. Laboratory Analyzers
  3. Barcode and RFID
  4. Document Management System
  5. Palmtop, PDA & other hand-held devices
  6. Digital Pads
  7. Speech recognition software
  8. EPABX system
  9. Smart Card

Improved Security and User control:

The advanced role-based access model and architecture incorporates a flexible security matrix defining the users and their permissions within each module. This ensures that only care providers with the proper authorization have access to patient information.

Technology Enablers:

  1. Microsoft Platform
  2. Tablet PC
  3. Multi-Touch Computing
  4. Mobile Application Development
  5. RFID
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